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About Us

We are a company that is growing fast. Day, by day. We was first establish in March 2016, as a small Flea Market Comapny, that has grown rapidly over last past two years. Were are now in the process of updating our online website with more ways to reach you. Since technology has been changing so fast over the years. Our Tech. team is doing a great job keeping us up to date with ways to market our product to the world. Our company stands behind our product, and strive to sale only great quality items, at an affordable price to you. Every item that is design for you is handcrafted, by one of our hardworking craftsmen. Any item you ask us to design, will be one of a kind. These craftsmen, take a lot of pride in what they do, to make your item unique and appealing, not for just you, but to others as well. So when you show off your item to family and friends, you best to believe they are going to like it, and want one as well.
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